We led you to the path of Success!

Atra Global Solution provides the best career assessment sessions. The sessions are conducted with a prime motto to clear students’ self-doubts and dilemmas that are commonly faced on account of multiple choices, a multitude of influencing judgment factors, and lack of guidance before opting for a good career.

Atra Global Solutions is formulated with a vision to fit the profile of X/XII/Graduate students to select an adequate next academic choice that would direct to a successful and contented course and a bright future ahead in terms of career. It encourages the candidate to get clear transparency on their Personality, Aptitude, Interest, and Career Direction.

How do we do it?

As children evolve to different stages and phases they tend to form a cognitive development. The development of cognition glides through various dimensions like intuitions, perception, memory, attention, language, notions (thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, memory, language).


Atra Global Solutions is the complete guide for students as we acknowledged and accessed students’ competent skills and abilities to get accomplishment in the career. Our effective and incredible service is crafted in such a manner that it helps in understanding the student’s comprehension and paves the way according to their skills and talents. 


At various times, some students who hold up great motivations, dedications, and inspiration to aspire to success in their career get diverted in their career choices due to lack of guidance and too many opinions hinder their various family groups and friends manipulate or divert their minds with numerous options. It chooses their career as a complicated decision.


Due to many influencing factors that pertain to a student’s life sometimes students end up choosing a certain course and option that the students end up disliking or leaving the chosen career in mid. We are here to save you from committing such mistakes. Altra Global Solutions is here to aid your confusion with the right choice decisions. We took up the responsibility to guide you through the process of accomplishments and assure you to surely taste success in your life.  


A student whether he/she in class X, XI, XII, or Undergraduate must be cautious about their future. The first and foremost step must involve their future planning in terms of their academic courses.

Steps involve:
Administration of battery of scientific tests Preparation of an assessment reports: A set of reports are generated after the tests and studied by our expert, One-2-One Counseling Meetings: The reports and its findings are discussed with you and your parents (in a 1-on-1 personalized meeting) to explain what it means and to help you take a Right Decision about your next course of action. With this, you have taken the first important step in your career towards a successful and happy life. The efforts you are going to put to pursue your academic course are now in the right direction. Cheers!

  • Expected Outcome: At the end of the discussion you will benefit from the following:
  • Clarity in direction to pursue a satisfied academic course for further education.
  • A personalized Career Map on Career Options that suit You. Improved academic performance.
  • Peace of Mind, as you are sure about long term career satisfaction.
  • Gives a clear picture to know oneself so that you play on your strengths to gain Competitive Career Advantage.