An education abroad can change your life and transform your career for the better. Students of Indian origin are traveling in higher numbers than ever before to pursue higher education abroad.

Many Indians have chosen to study in Philippines. Philippines offer many professional courses. There are about 1000+ Indian students in Philippines studying MBBS.

Philippines is a perfect spot to study MBBS. Philippines have a decent interface with the western world, which helps students from all over world. Students going to study MBBS will feel at home as the Filipinos are great hosts.

Why Choose Philippines

  • Philippines is primarily an English Speaking country which enables the students to communicate easily with their professors as well as patients during their clinical rotation which is crucial.
  • The country enjoys a steady tropical climate throughout the year which means that they have a Similar Disease Spectrum as that found in India.
  • Students in their final year get Extensive Clinical Exposure and Hands on Practice in hospital with good Patients strength due to a population density similar to what we find in India.
  • The country is Easily Accessible from India is overlapping Proximity and Connectivity. 
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Davao is a highly urbanised city in the island of Mindanao in Philippines. It is the largest city in the Philippines in terms of Land area, and the post populous city in the country outside Metro Manila.

o Career Guidance in Pune

Envisions healthy communities enjoying quality life.

DMSF is the Philippines has been in the forefront in providing professional Medical Education to Indian Medical Students, known for quality education, the institution has the highest number of medical Students in Country.

DMSF inspired by the community orientation of the Founders, commits to provide humane and Integral Health science education and services education.

Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc.

Accreditation of DMSF

DMSF is recognized by some of the highest constitutional and Statutory bodies in Philippines, India and the world. Organization such as ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates), WHO (World Health Organization), Medical council of India (MCI), PAASCHU (Philippines Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities) has recognized and listed Davao Medical Schools Foundation as an ideal place of Medical Studies.

With over 400 beds for the students in their clinical rotations, they have received immense clinical exposure in their final year of Studies.

It is ranked 6th amongst all colleges in Philippines Medical Licensure Examination.

Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. is Accredited

Career Guidance in Pune
Career Guidance in Pune

DMSF is the first medical college in all of Philippines and only the Second college in the Asia to setup Simulation Mannequins Stations for clinical teaching and learning. Modern responsive mannequins are used which can be programmed to simulate a wide range of illnesses through which the students are taught clinical practices before their clinical rotation.

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DMSF is the first college in the Philippines to install a 3D anatomage table system. With this system, students can visualize anatomy exactly as they would on fresh cadaver. Individual structure are reconstructed in accurate 3D, resulting in an unprecedented level of real accurate anatomy, dissectible in 3D.

DMSF also boast of a large number of cadavers fir the students to practice on. At any moment, DMSF has 50 cadavers which helps provide the students an ideal learning ground to honor their skills.

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One of the most important reason for the success of Indian students who have studied and graduated at DMSF us the vast knowledge and practical experience they gain through clinical exposure in their final few semester. Being one of the only 2 medical in Davao, DMSF students gain immense clinical practice because of having a number of highly accredited associates hospitals. The combined bed strength of the hospital is over 4000.