Ms. Masoom Esmail


T: +001 23 567 89


Ms Masoom has done M Sc in Environmental Science and Masters of Commerce from the famous Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University Pune. She is also pursuing her Ph D concurrently. Ms Masoom has multifaceted experience in various fields in senior positions. She has about a decade’s experience experience both in Industry as well as in education sector. As Academic Coordinator in a Management institute she achieved excellent results. She has deep knowledge about how to develop students to make them skilled leading them to be getting good jobs. As Head Corporate Relations in an MBA college, she achieved outstanding results for the students as well as she has ensured placement of students (both for Summer Internship Programme as well as final placements) in top notch companies. She maintains cordial relations with the corporate. Counselling & Mentoring of students is her passion.

Mr. Amit Jadhav

Marketing Lead

T: +001 23 567 89


Mr. Amit is Analytics-driven, inbound Marketing Lead with many years of experience designing powerful social media strategies, growing engaged online audiences, and developing eye-catching email campaigns that convert prospective customers.

Mr. Amit manages Administers activities including coordination with legal, compliance, invoicing, budget management and process workflows. He Coordinate with HQ teams to manage, execute, and report on all global and local programming initiatives Create, manage, and grow a database of local influencers who will become the base community members
Manages working relationships with agencies to deliver high quality activities to drive brand equity.  He is great at Developing and executing integrated, multi-channel marketing plans for one or more customer segments/businesses. He’s great at recommendations for improvements in recruiting and retention programs.

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