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Warm Welcome to AtraGlobal Solution Pvt Ltd. We are recognized as a one-point solution for the students to get advice and guidance regarding their Admission and job placement. Education and Career are some of the biggest change-makers in a person’s life. You require a lot of research work and must need guidance before investing your time and money to get the best outcome of your life. You need to formulate skills, knowledge, and belief in life to get access to success.


Atra Global Solutions brings you options at Domestic and International Levels. As it is very clear that both the levels require good background research work before you decide that your children will opt which courses and college to continue their further studies. At the International Level of higher education, a certain kind of risk involvements is included because there are many requirements and investments are done beforehand. We are here to consider several factors before you attain any decision, from the quality of education, acceptability of the university, recognition, affordability, study continuation choice, and various career opportunities.

Our Experties

Education Counselling
Educational Guidance
Job Assistance

Principles of our work


In Atra Global Solutions Pvt Ltd goal to accomplish for the aspirants.


We at Atra Global Solutions Pvt Ltd are your one-point solution for your admissions and placements both nationally and globally.


We assist to Improve the right knowledge, skills & attitude which enhances you for your jobs.


We follow certain rules and professional standards that made Atra Global a place that possesses trustworthy and disciplinarian guidelines.

Our specialization

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced counselors. We organize a personalized experience and complete guide to each student for choosing the program and university-related to their interest and goals. It is satisfactorily fitted to guide students for quality education to encourage a successful career.

Study Assistance

Students are assisted to prepare for exams such as IIT, JEE, MSCET, NEET, CAT- MAT – CMAT-SNAP -CET – ATMA – NMAT- TISS etc.

Career Counselling

We help you in selecting your goals and assisting you with the right career track.

Educational Counselling

We help students to assess their career path and provide assistance with education counseling.

Overseas education

We give complete assistance with Overseas education from selecting the college to getting enrolled in.


We assist you with various options for your domestic education. We guide you to choose the best among wide choices of education courses and colleges.


Picking the right career option seems a tough task that needs the proper guidance and deep knowledge of the market.

Proper counseling is vital before you need to excel in your life as the competition is too high and the right decision at an early stage can only pave the way to success.


Selecting to travel abroad for a master’s degree can be more beneficial, empowering you to make the right choice of destination, university, and course to strengthen your career goal.